Acting Head of Sumedang Calls on Department Heads to Utilize Ramadan for Collective Good


Acting Head of Sumedang Calls on Department Heads to Utilize Ramadan for Collective Good

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Herman Suryatman

Utilizing Ramadan as a Platform for Goodness

HALLOSUMEDANG – Acting Head of Sumedang, Herman Suryatman, urges all department heads in Sumedang Regency to transform Ramadan into a time of collective goodness. He conveyed this message while attending the first day of the Ramadan Safari event on Monday (18/3) in Sukasari District.

Enhancing Contributions to the Community

“I have urged all department heads to seize this Ramadan as an opportunity to do good and contribute to the community,” he said.

Importance of Building Relationships with the Creator and Fellow Humans

According to him, maintaining good relationships with Allah and fellow humans holds equal importance. “Besides observing fasting to strengthen the vertical relationship with the Creator, I also encourage department heads to build horizontal relationships with fellow humans and the general public. As a government, our duty is to promote welfare and empower the community,” added Herman.

Innovative Tarlingkur Activities

Herman emphasized the importance of innovation in Ramadan activities, such as Tarlingkur (Mobile Tarawih and Social Outreach), which involves all department heads. This activity is seen as a contextual breakthrough that positively impacts the community.

Engaging with the Community

“Starting from 1 PM, we visit four to five villages, engaging with the community. This is an extraordinary gesture while greeting the locals. The government must be among the people, and I have assigned department heads in all 26 districts of Sumedang Regency to do so,” he concluded.

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