Compassionate Ramadan: Military Unit Distributes Iftar Meals to Road Users


Compassionate Ramadan: Military Unit Distributes Iftar Meals to Road Users

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HALLOSUMEDANG – Captain Inf Dadang Sopyan, the Commander of 1005/Jatinangor Military District 0610/Sumedang, along with his team, conducted a distribution of iftar meals (takjil) to passing community members at the front of the 1005/Jtr Military Post in Gentramanah Hamlet, Rt 3 Rw 2, Hegarmanah Village, Jatinangor Subdistrict, on Monday (25/03/2024).

The event was attended by Captain Inf Dadang Sopyan, along with members of the military, the Chairwoman of Persit Branch 6 Jatinangor, and representatives from Sakawira Kartika of the 1005/Jtr Military District.

Captain Inf Dadang Sopyan stated that the distribution of iftar meals exemplifies the concern of the 1005/Jtr Military District 0610/Sumedang towards community members in need of breaking their fast, especially those still on the road.

“Today, we distributed iftar meals alongside Persit members and assisted personnel to be given to road users passing by,” he said.

The iftar packages distributed today amounted to 200, allocated for road users passing by the main road in front of the Military Post,” Captain Inf Dadang explained.

“We should be grateful for Allah’s blessings upon us. Ramadan is a special month, where every good deed we do will be rewarded even better by Allah,” he added.

Captain Inf Dadang also expressed his gratitude to his personnel and the Persit members who actively participated in distributing the iftar meals to road users.

“I am proud of what our personnel and Persit members have done. They still find time to engage in social activities like this,” Captain Inf Dadang expressed.

He also hoped that the unity and social concern among individuals would continue to be nurtured and enhanced, becoming a positive culture for all.

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“Ramadan is a sacred month and an excellent opportunity to increase worship and care for others. Hopefully, what we do today will be rewarded as acts of worship in the future,” he concluded.

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