West Java Secretary Herman: “Sabilulungan” Key to West Java’s Advancement


West Java Secretary Herman: “Sabilulungan” Key to West Java’s Advancement

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HALLOSUMEDANG – “Sabilulungan” (collaboration) between the Provincial Government and the Districts/Cities in West Java is one of the keys to the success of developing West Java.

This was stated by Acting Regent of Sumedang, Herman Suryatman, after being inaugurated as the Secretary of West Java at the Gedung Sate Auditorium, Bandung City, on Monday, (4/1/2024).

“If the performance of the Provincial Government is excellent and is driven by the excellent performance of the districts and cities, then issues such as poverty, unemployment, and stunting can be overcome. If we collaborate, unite, there will definitely be a solution,” he said.

Herman stated that the position entrusted to him as the Secretary of West Java is a mandate that must be guarded and carried out to the best of his ability.

“This mandate will be guarded well, solely for the Provincial Government and the people of West Java,” he said.

Herman added that this must be endeavored together with the governor and all regional components in West Java.

“The directions that become our common ‘homework’ will be identified and further explored with several relevant agencies for follow-up,” said Herman.

He mentioned that the Secretary has a key performance indicator (KPI), namely General Bureaucratic Reform with a target of 80.75 points in 2024, whereas in 2023 it was 79.26.

“So, we need to increase it by approximately 1.5 points. There’s one KPI, but it’s broken down into 26 sub-indicators. I will create an Action Plan as soon as possible,” he concluded.

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