Sumedang’s Rise: Crafting a Tourist Haven with Menara Kujang Sapasang and Jatigede Geopark


Sumedang’s Rise: Crafting a Tourist Haven with Menara Kujang Sapasang and Jatigede Geopark

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HALLOSUMEDANG – Welcoming the Eid al-Fitr Holiday, Acting Regent Urges Optimization of Menara Kujang Sapasang and Jatigede Geopark as Tourist Destinations

Ahead of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, Acting Regent of Sumedang, Hj Tuti Ruswati, has urged her staff to optimize the management of the Menara Kujang Sapasang tourist area and the development of the Jatigede Geopark.

She conveyed this during a meeting to evaluate the construction of Menara Kujang Sapasang in the Secretary of Sumedang Regency’s Meeting Room on Friday (4/5/2024).

“Physically, the Menara Kujang Sapasang is now ready for testing, and I believe this can contribute to the economic growth, particularly in the tourism sector,” she said.

Tuti explained that aside from the Menara Kujang Sapasang, the Sumedang Regency Government is also focusing on developing the Geopark in the Jatigede area.

“For this purpose, we will also prepare banners, directional signs, and points of interest within the geopark area,” she added.

Tuti is confident that the Jatigede Geopark area will attract more interest from tourists to visit Sumedang.

“This is expected to become a unique attraction and enhance Sumedang’s competitiveness in the eastern region, which will boost tourism in Sumedang Regency,” she stated.

Tuti also mentioned that to strengthen the tourism identity and attract more visitors, the Sumedang Regency Government has launched a City Branding initiative, presenting Sumedang as the City of Knowledge.

“We have developed a branding concept that showcases all the uniqueness of Sumedang so that it stands out from other regions,” Tuti said.

Finally, Tuti hopes that both the tourism destinations and City Branding initiatives can be widely promoted so that they reach the residents of Sumedang Regency effectively.

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