BPBD Sumedang Provides Education and Maps Disaster-Prone Areas in Surian


BPBD Sumedang Provides Education and Maps Disaster-Prone Areas in Surian

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HALLOSUMEDANG – On Saturday (9/3/2024), the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Sumedang Regency held training on mitigation, education, and mapping of disaster-prone areas in Suriamukti Village, Surian District.

Adang, Head of Prevention and Preparedness Section of BPBD Sumedang Regency, explained that they had conducted socialization, education, and mapping of disaster-prone areas together with village officials, district officials, Patriot Desa (village patriots), Babinsa (village military assistants), and Bhabinkamtibmas (village police officers).

“We have mapped the potential threats and natural resources in an effort to mitigate disasters,” said Adang.

Despite the mapping efforts, Adang hoped that no disasters would occur in Suriamukti Village. However, if they do occur, through these socialization and education activities, the community is expected to be prepared to anticipate and mitigate them.

“Our hope is that through this activity, the community can understand what steps to take when disasters occur in their surroundings,” added Adang.

Asen, the Head of Suriamukti Village, revealed that their area had experienced several disasters, such as landslides.

“The landslide usually occurs on the connecting road between hamlets 1 and 2, precisely on Gunung Edogan in RT 03 RW 01, which is owned by Perum Perhutani,” said Asen.

With the existence of disaster-prone areas, Asen hoped for unity and awareness among the community regarding disaster mitigation.

“We also hope for assistance from authorities such as BPBD to anticipate these issues,” he added.

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