403 Victims of Tornadoes in Sumedang Receive Cash Assistance


403 Victims of Tornadoes in Sumedang Receive Cash Assistance

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HALLOSUMEDANG – A total of 403 residents who fell victim to tornadoes in the Jatinangor and Cimanggung districts have started receiving phase one stimulus funds.

The stimulus funds for tornado victims are sourced from the 2024 Sumedang Regency Regional Budget (APBD) and are directly distributed by Bank Sumedang since Wednesday, March 13, 2024.

Sjariep Hidayat, Head of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Section at the Sumedang District Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), explained that the beneficiaries were identified through data collection by the Sumedang Housing, Settlement, and Land Agency (Perkimtan) and BPBD Sumedang.

Based on the data collection and assessment, Sjariep elaborated that the decision to provide phase one stimulus assistance to tornado victims in the Cimanggung and Jatinangor districts was outlined in Sumedang Regency Regent’s Decision Number 255 of 2024.

“The distribution of aid began on Wednesday (13/3) by Bank Sumedang and was directly received by the beneficiaries,” said Sjariep.

As for the amount of assistance, Sjariep explained that it is divided into four categories with different values. Category 1 receives assistance of Rp 250,000, category 2 receives Rp 500,000, category 3 receives Rp 1.5 million, and category 4 receives Rp 3 million.

“The categorization is based on the level of damage experienced by the victims. If the damage is severe, it falls into category 4,” he emphasized.

Sjariep also mentioned that the number of aid recipients may increase as there are still reports from villages and districts about victims who have not been registered.

“There is a possibility that the number of aid recipients will increase as there are still victims who have not been included in the initial data collection,” he said.

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