Enhancing Education in Sumedang: A Remarkable Rise in Educational Reports


Enhancing Education in Sumedang: A Remarkable Rise in Educational Reports

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Enhancing Education in Sumedang

HALLO SUMEDANG – In recent years, the literacy (reading and writing skills) and numeracy (mathematical abilities) rates in Sumedang Regency have shown significant improvement. This positive trend follows the release of the literacy and numeracy assessment results in the 2023 Education Report by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbudristek RI).

Positive Trends in Literacy and Numeracy

According to the report, literacy assessment scores for primary schools have surged from 70.75 in 2023 to an impressive 84.60 in 2024, while numeracy scores have risen from 53.61 to 79.54 during the same period.

Similarly, at the junior high school level, there has been a notable increase, with literacy rates climbing from 70.10 in 2023 to 80.73 in 2024. Numeracy rates have also seen a significant boost, jumping from 48.25 to 76.26.

Commendation from Education Authorities

Dian Sukmara, the Head of the Sumedang Regency Education Office, expressed her satisfaction with these results, stating, “These scores indicate that the literacy and numeracy levels of students at the primary and junior high school levels have reached the ‘Good’ category.”

She attributed this positive outcome to the collective efforts of all stakeholders involved. “Promoting reading skills and interest is not solely the responsibility of the Education Office or the Library and Archives Office. It requires the involvement of all stakeholders to further enhance literacy and numeracy,” she remarked.

Therefore, she emphasized her commitment to maintaining collaboration among all parties to ensure that Sumedang’s Education Report continues to improve, with everyone achieving a ‘Good’ rating.

Future Prospects and Challenges

Echoing Dian’s sentiments, Acting Regent Herman Suryatman emphasized that the improved literacy and numeracy indices for primary and junior high schools in Sumedang are the result of concerted efforts from all quarters.

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“I express my appreciation and gratitude to the entire education department, especially to the teachers, for their dedication and hard work, as well as to other stakeholders,” he expressed.

Herman reiterated his determination to enhance the literacy and numeracy skills of students in Sumedang, aiming for contextual literacy and numeracy to equip students not only with knowledge but also with life skills.

He also highlighted the demographic bonus Indonesia is facing, with a growing proportion of the population being of productive age. “Therefore, we must prepare our children to become a generation of excellence with high literacy and numeracy skills. Let us capitalize on this demographic bonus,” he concluded.


The remarkable rise in literacy and numeracy rates showcased in the Education Report for Sumedang Regency reflects a concerted effort from various stakeholders, including the Education Office, teachers, and community members. By fostering a collaborative approach and emphasizing the importance of literacy and numeracy skills, Sumedang is poised to enhance the quality of education and prepare its youth for a brighter future.

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