Sumedang Shines Again in TOP BUMD Awards


Sumedang Shines Again in TOP BUMD Awards

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HALLO SUMEDANG – Once again, Sumedang regency has clinched prestigious accolades at the TOP BUMD Award event hosted by TOP Business magazine.

In the TOP BUMD Awards 2024 held at Hotel Rafles Jakarta on Wednesday (20/4/2022), Sumedang Regency garnered four distinguished awards, including TOP BUMD Mentor 2024, TOP BUMD CEO 2024, TOP 5-Star BUMD 2024, and the BUMD Golden Trophy 2024.

The awards were directly received by the Acting Regent of Sumedang, Herman Suryatman, and the Managing Director of Bank Sumedang, Yanti Krisyana Dewi.

As the BUMD Mentor, Acting Regent Herman expressed gratitude to the Regional Public Enterprises (Perumda) Bank Sumedang for their remarkable contributions, which led to the attainment of several prestigious awards.

“I would like to express my appreciation to Perumda Bank Sumedang for their achievement in the TOP BUMD 2024 event,” said Acting Regent Herman.

Furthermore, Herman hoped that these awards would serve as a catalyst for Bank Sumedang to further improve its performance in driving the economic growth of Sumedang Regency.

“Congratulations to Bank Sumedang. With the TOP BUMD 2024 award, may the performance of Bank Sumedang become even more robust, especially in supporting the local economic growth and increasing the region’s original income,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of Perumda Bank Sumedang, Yanti Krisyana Dewi, expressed her gratitude for the achievement in the event.

“Alhamdulillah, we are very grateful. TOP BUMD is an event organized by TOP Business magazine to appreciate the performance of BUMDs across Indonesia, including Bank Sumedang,” said Yanti.

Yanti also extended her thanks to all parties who contributed, including the people of Sumedang Regency.

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“In the future, we will continue to strive to improve public services in the banking sector according to our duties and functions. We express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us, including all the people of Sumedang Regency,” she concluded.

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