Emergency Button: Sumedang’s Battle Against Bullying with ‘Tahu Sumedang’ App


Emergency Button: Sumedang’s Battle Against Bullying with ‘Tahu Sumedang’ App

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HALLOSUMEDANG – Acting Regent of Sumedang, Herman Suryatman, announced a proactive measure to combat bullying and violence against children by introducing an emergency button on the ‘Tahu Sumedang’ application for reporting.

This emergency button allows users to report threatening situations through the application, with the hope that prompt action can be taken by designated officials.

According to Herman, this initiative is part of the Sumedang District Government’s efforts to address bullying issues in schools by leveraging technology.

The Acting Regent also emphasized that policies for preventing and addressing violence in the education environment are already regulated in Regent Regulation Number 16 of 2024, aimed at protecting all parties within the school environment from violence.

With the zero bullying scheme as Sumedang District Government’s commitment, it is hoped that the protection of children from bullying in schools can be strengthened, and quick solutions can be found in threatening situations.

Data from the Sumedang District Population Control, Family Planning, Women’s Empowerment, and Child Protection Agency (DPPKBP3A) shows 59 cases of violence against children across various education levels in 2023.

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