Sumedang’s Macro Indicators Show Progress


Sumedang’s Macro Indicators Show Progress

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HALLOSUMEDANG – The momentum of Sumedang’s 446th Anniversary (HJS) is expected to enhance the performance of the local government. One way is by evaluating what has been accomplished and what shortcomings need to be addressed. “Hopefully, with this anniversary, it can boost the performance of the local government by evaluating what has been done and what the shortcomings are. Additionally, we hope Sumedang will progress further, not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in the community’s mindset and economic livelihood,” said Acting Regent of Sumedang, Tuti Ruswati, on Wednesday (17/4/2024).

According to Tuti, with Sumedang’s current success, the macro indicators have shown significant progress. “The current success of Sumedang has shown progress, ranging from the human development index, economic growth rate, poverty reduction, and unemployment,” she said.

However, Tuti revealed that Sumedang Regency is not complacent, as there are still many tasks to be completed. “There are still many tasks to be done, starting from infrastructure to community literacy to utilize all digital transformations in Sumedang. Thus, the success of Sumedang Regency should not only be administrative but also substantively impactful on the welfare of the community,” she explained.

During the event, Tuti, along with the Forkopimda elements, also distributed groceries and rice to 100 pedicab drivers, horse cart drivers, and online motorcycle taxi drivers in the courtyard of the Sumedang Government Center. “The distribution of groceries is aimed at improving the community’s economy, as Sumedang Regency is currently in the process of controlling inflation,” she said.

Tuti hopes that by distributing groceries, it can help control the prices of basic necessities in Sumedang Regency. “Hopefully, with this distribution, it can at least help control the prices of basic commodities in Sumedang Regency,” she added.

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