Sumedang to Establish a Blood Transfusion Unit: Ensuring Timely and Safe Access to Blood


Sumedang to Establish a Blood Transfusion Unit: Ensuring Timely and Safe Access to Blood

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HALLOSUMEDANG – Sumedang Regency is set to welcome a new Blood Transfusion Unit (UTDRS) at the Sumedang Regional Hospital (RSD), marking a significant step towards addressing the growing demand for blood, particularly for patients at RSD. This collaboration between RSD Sumedang and the Blood Bank is a strategic initiative to ensure the availability of safe and high-quality blood.

During an audience with the Blood Bank team led by Lia Farida at the State House Main Hall on Tuesday (23/04/2024), Acting Regent Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, reaffirmed his commitment to establishing the UTDRS. “This is not just about fulfilling the availability of blood, but also ensuring that the blood received by patients meets quality and safety standards,” he explained.

The standards outlined by Yudia encompass strict donor selection, standardized blood collection procedures, and accurate disease indication. “This is crucial to prevent the transmission of diseases through blood transfusion,” he elaborated.

The limited blood supply at Sumedang’s UTD and PMI has often posed a challenge for patients in need. The UTDRS, therefore, emerges as a solution to provide timely blood access and save lives.

Acting Regent Yudia expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Blood Bank for choosing Sumedang as the location for the UTDRS. Lia Farida, a representative of the Blood Bank, explained that Sumedang was selected due to meeting the necessary standards.

“It is hoped that with the presence of the UTDRS, the people of Sumedang, especially patients requiring large amounts of blood, can be well served. We assure you that the demand for blood in Sumedang will be met,” stated Lia.

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The establishment of the UTDRS marks a progressive step for Sumedang Regency in enhancing healthcare services and ensuring patient safety. With timely access to safe blood, it is anticipated that blood shortage-related mortalities can be reduced and the overall health of the Sumedang community can be safeguarded.

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