Acting Regent Evaluates the Performance of Sumedang Regional Enterprises


Acting Regent Evaluates the Performance of Sumedang Regional Enterprises

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BUMD Sumedang

HALLOSUMEDANG – Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, accompanied by the Acting Secretary of Sumedang Regency, Tuti Ruswati, conducted a coaching and evaluation session for the Regional Enterprises (BUMD) of Sumedang Regency in the Cakrabuana Meeting Room, PPS, on Monday (29/4/2024).

The evaluation was attended by the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board of each BUMD, namely Bank Sumedang, PT Lembaga Keuangan Mikro (LKM), PT Kampung Makmur, and PDAM Tirta Medal.

Acting Regent Yudia Ramli stated that out of the four BUMDs in Sumedang Regency, three of them are performing positively.

“There is only one BUMD that we will closely monitor and support,” said Acting Regent Yudia.

Likewise, with the diversity of its businesses, continued Yudia, there needs to be optimization in each field.

“Of the nine core businesses, only three are currently running. So we will focus on that,” said Yudia.

With these efforts, he hopes that all BUMDs can contribute to increasing the Regional Original Income (PAD) of Sumedang Regency.

“Hopefully in the future, Sumedang BUMDs will have a leverage effect on the PAD of Sumedang Regency,” said Yudia.

Meanwhile, Acting Secretary of Sumedang Regency, Tuti Ruswati, said that the local government has routinely carried out evaluations as one of its duties and authorities as the owner of BUMDs.

“Actually, we evaluate each BUMD (regularly). But overall, we haven’t done it together for a long time. This is a great opportunity,” said Tuti.

According to her, Acting Regent Yudia Ramli’s experience as Director of BUMD and BLUD at the Ministry of Home Affairs is an added value in coaching the BUMDs of Sumedang Regency.

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“Of course, Mr. Acting Regent has a lot of network experience that can enlighten us so that Mr. Acting Regent wants to see the development and evaluate the current portrait of BUMDs,” she said.

Therefore, the Acting Regent on this occasion gave a lot of input for the progress of Sumedang BUMDs.

“The Acting Regent provides suggestions, directions, and policies to further develop them, so that they are healthier and more productive. In essence, (so that) BUMDs in Sumedang become the driving force of the economy in the region,” she concluded.

Key Points:

  • Acting Regent Yudia Ramli and Acting Secretary Tuti Ruswati evaluated the performance of Sumedang Regency’s BUMDs.
  • Three out of four BUMDs are performing positively, while one needs closer monitoring and support.
  • The goal is for all BUMDs to contribute to increasing the PAD of Sumedang Regency.
  • The local government routinely evaluates BUMDs and is committed to their development.
  • Acting Regent Yudia Ramli’s experience in BUMDs is an asset in coaching the local enterprises.

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