Sumedang Mandala: Unveiling Sumedang’s Vision for the Next Two Decades


Sumedang Mandala: Unveiling Sumedang’s Vision for the Next Two Decades

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Sumedang MANDALA Visi Sumedang 2025-2045

HALLOSUMEDANG – Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of West Java, Indonesia, Sumedang regency embarks on an ambitious journey towards a prosperous and sustainable future. Guided by the overarching vision of “Sumedang Mandala,” the regency envisions itself as a thriving hub of kemajuan (progress), kemandirian (self-reliance), keadilan (justice), and keberlanjutan (sustainability) by the year 2045.

This transformative vision, unveiled during the Musyawarah Perencanaan Pembangunan (Musrenbang) for the Kabupaten Sumedang’s Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPD) 2025-2045, serves as a beacon for the regency’s development trajectory over the next two decades. The meticulously crafted RPJPD, meticulously crafted during the Musrenbang, outlines a comprehensive roadmap to harness Sumedang’s abundant potential, encompassing both natural resources and human capital.

Charting the Course towards Shared Prosperity

At the heart of Sumedang Mandala lies an unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being of its citizens. Pj Bupati Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, underscored this unwavering focus, emphasizing, “The ultimate goal of development is to realize the prosperity of our masyarakat (society).”

This unwavering commitment to inclusive progress is further crystallized in the establishment of ambitious targets to eradicate poverty, extreme poverty, stunting, and unemployment. These targets serve as tangible benchmarks to measure the success of Sumedang’s development endeavors.

Aligning Efforts for Collective Progress

Recognizing the pivotal role of collaboration in achieving shared aspirations, Pj Bupati Yudia Ramli urged for a collective commitment, stating, “I emphasize the importance of a shared commitment to reducing poverty, extreme poverty, stunting, and unemployment as tangible outcomes of development for the masyarakat.”

This emphasis on unity of purpose was echoed by Plh Sekretaris Daerah Hj Tuti Ruswati, who elaborated on the essence of Sumedang Mandala, “Sumedang Mandala is the embodiment of Sumedang in 2045, a regency that optimally utilizes its diverse resource potential, encompassing both natural resources and human capital.”

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Navigating the Path Ahead: Strategic Priorities

The journey towards Sumedang Mandala is guided by four strategic imperatives:

  1. Fundamental Services and Human Resource Development: Ensuring access to quality education, healthcare, and social services while fostering a skilled and empowered workforce.
  2. Environmental Quality and Food Security: Preserving the regency’s rich natural heritage and ensuring sustainable food production to nourish its citizens.
  3. Infrastructure, Regional Development, and Inclusive Technology-Based and Sustainable Economic Growth: Building a robust infrastructure network, promoting balanced regional development, and fostering an inclusive economy driven by innovation and sustainability.
  4. Prioritizing Good Governance: Upholding the principles of transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in governance.

A Commitment to Action

The Musrenbang served as a powerful platform for reaffirming the government’s dedication to tackling Sumedang’s challenges. The signing of an integrity pact between Pj Bupati Sumedang and regional leaders underscores their unwavering commitment to eradicating poverty and stunting, leaving no one behind in Sumedang’s march towards a brighter future.

Sumedang Mandala stands as a testament to the regency’s unwavering determination to transform itself into a model of kemajuan, kemandirian, keadilan, and keberlanjutan. As Sumedang embarks on this transformative journey, the collective spirit of its masyarakat will undoubtedly serve as the driving force behind its remarkable achievements over the next two decades.

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