Aceh Besar Regency conducts a study tour on the implementation of SPBE in Sumedang Regency


Aceh Besar Regency conducts a study tour on the implementation of SPBE in Sumedang Regency

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Sumedang, May 8, 2024 – The Aceh Besar Regency Government, led by Acting Regent Muhammad Iswanto, S.STP, M.M., paid a working visit to Sumedang Regency on Wednesday (8/5/2024). The visit aimed to study the implementation of the Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE) in Sumedang Regency, which has been recognized as the best in Indonesia.

The Acting Regent of Aceh Besar was received directly by the Acting Secretary of Sumedang Regency, Hj Tuti Ruswati, S.Sos, M.Si., at the Command Center PPS Setda. In the meeting, Tuti explained that Sumedang Regency was happy to share its experience and knowledge in implementing SPBE with Aceh Besar Regency.

“We are ready to assist and support Aceh Besar Regency in implementing SPBE in its region,” said Tuti.

Furthermore, Tuti revealed that Sumedang Regency also plans to make a return visit to Aceh Besar Regency to learn about various positive things that can be adopted and implemented in Sumedang.

Meanwhile, Acting Regent of Aceh Besar, Muhammad Iswanto, expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome from the Sumedang Regency Government. He acknowledged that the SPBE in Sumedang Regency is truly extraordinary and is an example that Aceh Besar Regency wants to emulate.

“We want to learn from Sumedang how to implement SPBE properly and optimally to improve public services,” said Iswanto.

Iswanto is confident that by learning from SPBE in Sumedang, Aceh Besar Regency can improve the quality of public services and realize a more effective and efficient government.

This working visit is expected to be the beginning of closer cooperation between Sumedang Regency and Aceh Besar Regency in various fields, especially in the implementation of SPBE.

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