Sumedang Women’s Movement Towards Healthy and Prosperous Families (P2WKSS): A Priority Program for Building a Thriving Community


Sumedang Women’s Movement Towards Healthy and Prosperous Families (P2WKSS): A Priority Program for Building a Thriving Community

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Sumedang Women's Movement

Sumedang, May 8, 2024 – The Enhancement of Women’s Roles Towards Healthy and Prosperous Families (P2WKSS) is not just an ordinary program for Sumedang Regency. Under the leadership of Acting Regent Yudia Ramli, P2WKSS has transformed into a priority program to realize a prosperous and happy society.

“P2WKSS is not just about women’s empowerment, but also about building strong and quality families,” stated Yudia during the opening of the P2WKSS Initial Verification activity in Kutamandiri Village, Tanjungsari Subdistrict, on Wednesday (8/5/2024).

Yudia emphasized that women play a central role in development. They are the driving force behind families and communities. Therefore, it is crucial to equip them with adequate knowledge, skills, and resources.

“P2WKSS is a manifestation of Sumedang Regency’s commitment to improving the quality of human resources, especially women,” Yudia affirmed.

Furthermore, Yudia explained that P2WKSS is not a standalone program. This program involves various stakeholders, ranging from government agencies (SKPDs), community organizations, to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This collaboration and synergy are expected to accelerate the achievement of program objectives.

“P2WKSS must be implemented in an innovative and different way,” Yudia asserted. “We can no longer do the same thing in the same way.”

Yudia expressed his hope that P2WKSS will not only be applied in the pilot project village but also throughout all villages/kelurahans in Sumedang. “Through P2WKSS, we will together build Sumedang Sehati, a prosperous and happy society,” he concluded.

Strengthening Women’s Roles, Enhancing Family Welfare

Kutamandiri Village, Tanjungsari Subdistrict, was selected as the pilot project for P2WKSS West Java in 2024. This selection was based on several factors, one of which is the still high number of poor families dominated by women.

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“P2WKSS aims to realize healthy and prosperous families, and to elevate the position, role, capacity, mental resilience, and spirituality of women,” explained the Head of the Sumedang Regency DPPKBP3A Office, Ani Gestaviani.

The P2WKSS program in Kutamandiri Village will focus on several areas, such as health, education, economy, and the environment. Various activities will be carried out to improve the quality of life of the community, especially women and children.

Assistance for Poor Families

As a form of commitment to supporting the P2WKSS program, the Acting Regent of Sumedang and the Head of the PKK TP provided assistance to 100 poor households in Kutamandiri Village. This assistance is expected to help alleviate the economic burden on families and improve their standard of living.

P2WKSS is a noble and strategic program. With the commitment and cooperation of all parties, this program is expected to provide real benefits to the people of Sumedang.

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