Sumedang Chamber of Commerce Ready to Become the Locomotive of Economic Growth


Sumedang Chamber of Commerce Ready to Become the Locomotive of Economic Growth

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Kadin Sumedang

HALLOSUMEDANG – The Sumedang Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) is ready to welcome a breath of fresh air for the local economy. Following up on the Circular Letter (SE) of the Acting Governor of West Java Number 05/KU.04.02.05/PEREK concerning the Development of the Business World in West Java, Kadin Sumedang has declared its readiness to become a strategic partner of the government in advancing the economy.

The Chairman of Kadin Sumedang Regency, H. Thomas Darmawan, emphasized his commitment before Acting Regent Yudia Ramli in the Central Hall of the State Building, Thursday (9/5/2024). “This SE of the Governor of West Java regulates in detail how the business world in West Java is developed by involving Kadin as a strategic partner of the government,” he said.

Furthermore, Thomas explained that the SE requires all businesses to become members of Kadin as a coaching mechanism. This is in line with Kadin Sumedang’s strategic plan to hold an Investment Summit.

“The Investment Summit aims to offer investment projects to investors who want to enter Sumedang Regency,” said Thomas. It is hoped that this step can drive economic growth in Sumedang.

Not only that, Thomas also submitted a request to the Acting Regent to be loaned land for the construction of the Kadin Sumedang Office. “I hope that with Kadin having an office, in the future (all) business associations, both PHRI, IWAPI and HIPMI can be united there,” he said.

Responding to this, Acting Regent Yudia Ramli welcomed the proposals and plans of Kadin Sumedang. “Kadin as a government partner in the region is expected to continue to create understanding in creating a good business climate,” he said.

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Yudia also fully supports the Investment Summit plan as an effort to boost regional income. “Investment is one way to increase PAD and economic growth in Sumedang Regency,” he said.

Regarding the request to borrow land for the Kadin office, the Acting Regent stated that he would immediately hold a follow-up meeting with the Acting Secretary of the Regional Secretariat to determine a representative location.

Yudia hopes that Kadin Sumedang can continue to synergize with the Sumedang Regency Government so that it becomes a locomotive that drives economic progress in Sumedang Regency.

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