Sumedang Takes Bold Step Towards Regional Research and Innovation


Sumedang Takes Bold Step Towards Regional Research and Innovation

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Research and Innovation

The Sumedang Regency Government is making strides in establishing a Regional Research and Innovation Agency (BRIDA). This agency will be integrated with the existing Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappppeda), streamlining government functions related to regional planning.

To establish BRIDA, the Regency Government and the Sumedang Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) are currently refining a draft regional regulation that amends the existing regulation on the organizational structure of the regency’s government bodies.

Acting Regional Secretary, Tuti Ruswati, explained that the formation of BRIDA aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public services. “The Sumedang Regency Government is undergoing a significant transformation in its research agency structure. We are currently discussing the merger of the Development Planning and Research Agency with BRIDA,” she stated during a visit to the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) office in Haurngombong, Pamulihan District, on Friday, July 5, 2024.

BRIN has generously donated a building and a substantial amount of equipment to the regency, which have been officially handed over.

“The total area of the BRIN assets, including the land, is 1.7 hectares, with ample space for future development. We will certainly maximize the use of this building,” Tuti assured.

According to Tuti, the building received from BRIN is slated to become the new Pamulihan District office, enhancing public service representation. Additionally, it will house research facilities focused on four of Sumedang’s key commodities.

“On the land donated by BRIN, there are four research sites dedicated to rice for analog rice production, in collaboration with reputable institutions like IPB, UNPAD, ITB, and others. This area will also be developed into a science and technology park to optimize research on Cilembu Sweet Potatoes, Coffee, and Tobacco,” she elaborated.

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Tuti further added that this transformation involves transferring assets into the government’s Master Asset Catalog (KIB) and issuing a Bupati Decree regarding the utilization of the BRIN building location.

“We hope this will optimize research and development of Sumedang’s superior commodities and improve the geographical index to support the export potential of these commodities in the future,” she concluded.

With these initiatives, the Sumedang Regency Government reaffirms its commitment to advancing research and innovation to improve the well-being of its residents and solidify its position as a hub for developing superior commodities at the regional level.

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