CPNS and PPPK Registrations Set to Open Soon: Asep Kurnia Explains


CPNS and PPPK Registrations Set to Open Soon: Asep Kurnia Explains

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HALLOSUMEDANG – Great news awaits as the registration for Prospective Civil Servants with Employment Agreements (PPPK) and Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) for the fiscal year 2024 in Sumedang Regency is set to open soon.

This announcement follows the agreement between the Sumedang Regency Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) and the Sumedang Regency Government, a proposal that has been in motion since January 2024.

“In 2024, there will be recruitment for both CPNS and PPPK in Sumedang Regency. There are two mechanisms: one for pure CPNS and the other for PPPK. This is due to various developments in recruitment, including the availability of proposed positions,” said Asep Kurnia, Chairman of the Sumedang DPRD Commission I, on Friday (15/3/2024).

Affectionately known as Akur, Asep Kurnia mentioned that the exact number of positions for CPNS and PPPK will be officially announced by the local government.

“However, the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan RB) has set the number of positions for recruiting prospective civil servants and PPPK nationwide, including in Sumedang. We are also considering other policies that will be taken by the central government,” Akur added.

“In terms of handling PPPK, we still have over 3000 positions that are yet to be filled or allocated, even though the candidates have passed the threshold or passing grade. Therefore, our priority is to address this issue first,” Akur explained further.

It’s worth noting that the government has reopened the CPNS 2024 and PPPK registrations. This year, fresh graduates will have a significant portion in the CPNS 2024 selection process. The CPNS 2024 positions in central institutions amount to 207,247 quotas, open for vacancies in teaching, healthcare, and technical roles.

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Meanwhile, 221,936 PPPK positions will be opened for teaching, healthcare, and technical roles.

Proposals for positions were closed at the end of January. Currently, there have been submissions from 478 regional institutions for teaching positions, with 169 institutions proposing 22,142 CPNS teaching positions.

Similarly, 467 regional institutions submitted 155,151 PPPK proposals. However, the government has implemented special policies regarding teaching position proposals.

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