PJ Bupati Herman: LAN Must Become the Premier Entity


PJ Bupati Herman: LAN Must Become the Premier Entity

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PJ Bupati Sumedang
PJ Bupati Herman: LAN Must Become the Premier Entity

HALLOSUMEDANG – In the realm of digital transformation, Sumedang emerges as a pioneer, leveraging digitalization as the cornerstone of its development. The essence of this digital shift transcends mere technological advancement; it serves as a tool to realize the happiness and prosperity of the populace.

The Vision of Digital Transformation

PJ Bupati Sumedang, Herman Suryatman, articulates the significance of digital transformation within an ecosystem fostering comprehensive societal participation. As he emphasized during his address at the National Leadership Training (PKN) Level II, held virtually by the National Administration Institute (LAN) on March 19, 2024, Sumedang’s advancement hinges upon inclusive digital evolution.

Embracing Digital Governance

With the theme “Transformation of Governance in the Era of Artificial Intelligence,” the Level II PKN drew 60 high-ranking officials from both central and local government bodies across Indonesia. Herman advocates for LAN to spearhead digital governance, not merely effecting change but also nurturing participants to become future leaders in this era of artificial intelligence.

Realizing Tangible Impact

Herman underscores the importance of transcending mere outputs and outcomes, urging participants to focus on the tangible benefits and impacts of their training. He envisions a scenario where the competencies gained translate into tangible contributions within their respective units and government agencies.

Leveraging Digitalization for Societal Well-being

Digital transformation isn’t an end in itself but a means to enhance societal welfare. It empowers communities, fosters inclusivity, and streamlines governance processes for the betterment of all citizens. LAN’s role as a catalyst for this change is pivotal, ensuring that every stakeholder benefits from the digital paradigm shift.

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Enhancing Competencies for Future Leadership

In the era of artificial intelligence, leadership demands a unique set of competencies. LAN’s training programs aim not only to impart technical skills but also to cultivate leadership qualities essential for navigating the complexities of the digital age. By nurturing future leaders, LAN contributes significantly to the sustainable development of Sumedang and beyond.


PJ Bupati Herman’s vision for LAN to emerge as the premier entity driving digital governance underscores the transformative potential of digitalization. As Sumedang leads the charge towards a digitally empowered future, LAN’s role in fostering inclusive participation and grooming future leaders is indispensable.

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