Kemiskinan Ekstrim Sumedang: A Remarkable Decline to 0.53 Percent


Kemiskinan Ekstrim Sumedang: A Remarkable Decline to 0.53 Percent

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Kemiskinan Ekstrim Sumedang

HALLOSUMEDANG – In the heart of Indonesia lies Sumedang, a region that has been making strides in combating extreme poverty. According to estimates, the percentage of extreme poverty in Sumedang dropped sharply to 0.53 percent in 2023, amounting to 6,370 individuals. This is a significant decrease from 2022, where it stood at 3.11 percent, impacting 36,820 people.

A Sign of Progress: Statistical Insights

The estimations regarding extreme poverty in Sumedang for 2023 are derived from a communication dated February 26, 2024, from the Deputy for Coordination of Social Welfare Improvement and Chairman of the P3KE Data Management Task Force of the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. This notification sheds light on the positive trends in poverty alleviation efforts.

Acknowledging Success: A Local Perspective

Herman Suryatman, the Acting Regent of Sumedang, expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts that led to this remarkable achievement. He emphasized that the local government’s initiatives played a pivotal role in driving down the incidence of extreme poverty.

A Regional Comparison: Surpassing Expectations

Sumedang’s 2023 extreme poverty rate of 0.53 percent falls below the figure for West Java Province, which stands at 0.79 percent. The substantial reduction in Sumedang’s extreme poverty rate from 3.11 percent in 2022 to 0.53 percent in 2023 signifies a notable improvement, propelling the region from 25th to 12th rank, marking a significant decline of 82.96 percent.

Looking Ahead: Commitment to Zero Percent

The commitment of Sumedang’s local government is unwavering, aiming to achieve zero percent extreme poverty by 2024. This target aligns with the issuance of Presidential Instruction Number 4 of 2022 on Accelerating the Eradication of Extreme Poverty, highlighting the dedication to collaborative efforts and program integration.

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Understanding the Journey: Reflecting on Past Challenges

Reflecting on previous years, the data indicates a fluctuation in extreme poverty rates. In 2021, Sumedang’s extreme poverty rate was 2.69 percent, which increased to 3.11 percent in 2022. This rise underscores the challenges faced in implementing poverty alleviation programs targeting the most vulnerable communities.

Strategies for Change: Collaborative Approaches

Sumedang’s local government, in collaboration with village authorities and non-governmental organizations, has implemented three key strategies to combat extreme poverty: reducing the financial burden on impoverished communities, enhancing income opportunities, and addressing pockets of poverty within the region.

Innovative Solutions: Leveraging Technology and Community Engagement

In addition to routine programs by government departments, Sumedang introduced innovative initiatives in 2023. This includes optimizing the Village Government Accountability System (Sakip Desa), emphasizing community engagement through programs like Community Service Program (KKN) and strengthening bonds between government and citizens.

Sumedang’s remarkable journey in reducing extreme poverty showcases the power of collaborative efforts, innovative solutions, and steadfast commitment. While challenges persist, the region’s determination to achieve zero percent extreme poverty by 2024 sets a compelling example for sustainable development and inclusive growth.

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