600 ASN Recruitment Formations in Sumedang for 2024


600 ASN Recruitment Formations in Sumedang for 2024

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ASN Recruitment Formations

HALLO SUMEDANG – The Sumedang Regency Government has announced the opening of 600 new positions for the recruitment of Civil Servants (ASN) in 2024. In this announcement, there are allocations for 400 positions for Government Employees with Employment Agreements (P3K) and 200 positions for Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS).

“To meet the needs of Human Resources (HR), the Sumedang Regency Government announces the opening of 600 new positions for ASN recruitment in 2024. This consists of 400 positions for P3K and 200 positions for CPNS,” said Acting Secretary of the Regional Secretariat, Tuti Ruswati, while leading the Coordination Meeting for the Preparation of ASN Recruitment in 2024 at the Regional Secretariat Meeting Room on Wednesday (20/03/2024).

Furthermore, Tuti explained that out of the total of 600 positions, 400 P3K positions are allocated for the needs of teachers, with 220 positions, healthcare workers with 90 positions, and technical staff with 90 positions.

“Meanwhile, for the 200 CPNS positions, 5 of them are for healthcare workers and the remaining 195 positions are for technical staff,” Tuti added.

Acting Secretary Tuti also emphasized that the Sumedang Regency Government highly appreciates input and suggestions from various parties regarding the recruitment of ASN in 2024.

“We appreciate contributions, especially from the legislative body regarding the handling of non-ASN issues in Sumedang. We hope that this year we can solve various problems effectively,” said Tuti.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Commission I of the Sumedang Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD), Asep Kurnia, stated that the opening of the ASN registration is a solution-oriented step to solve the shortage of ASN in Sumedang Regency.

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“The process has been carried out gradually, especially for honorary workers. From over 5,000 honorary workers previously, now there are only around three thousand left, and this number continues to decrease. I believe this issue can be resolved,” said Asep.

Asep hopes that prospective participants can take advantage of this opportunity. “With clear status, I hope Sumedang can get quality and professional ASN,” he added.

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