Sumedang’s Vision 2025: Forging a Path Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth


Sumedang’s Vision 2025: Forging a Path Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

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Sumedang's Vision 2025
Acting Regent of Sumedang Herman Suryatman with Invited Guests at the 2024 Sumedang Regency Musrenbang

HALLOSUMEDANG – The District Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang) Sumedang Regency was held on Wednesday (3/27/2024) at the Tampomas Hall of the Sumedang Regency Government Center (PPS).

This Musrenbang was convened to formulate the Regional Development Work Plan (RKPD) for the year 2025.

Under the theme “Resilient, Inclusive, and Sustainable Regional Economy,” the Musrenbangkab was inaugurated by Acting Regent of Sumedang, Herman Suryatman.

In his report, the Head of the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappppeda) Agus Wahidin conveyed that the Musrenbang of Sumedang Regency serves as a platform for stakeholders in development to gather input and suggestions to refine the draft RKPD for 2025.

“The objective we aim to achieve in this gathering is to agree on priority issues, regional development targets, activity programs, sub-programs, indicative ceilings, performance indicators, and targets, as well as locations for development in 2025,” he explained.

He further stated that this occasion also serves as alignment between various regional development activities and sub-activities with the goals and priorities of provincial and national development.

Agus mentioned that prior to the district-level Musrenbang in Sumedang, alignment had been conducted with local government officials.

“The series of Musrenbang from villages and sub-districts was carried out in August 2023, and the kickoff for planning for 2025 was done together on January 19, 2024,” he clarified.

From these Musrenbang sessions, Agus stated that they gathered various inputs for program projections in 2025.

“The financing plan for 2025 consists of 143 program affairs and 1 supporting program as agreed upon collectively and will be further discussed,” he added.

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Meanwhile, Acting Regent Herman Suryatman expressed his hope that all participants would contribute ideas, suggestions, and constructive input for Sumedang’s progress.

He emphasized that the Musrenbang RKPD serves as a strong and strategic foundation for achieving sustainable development and is a significant democratic forum for all.

“Through this forum, we collectively formulate development plans that not only reflect the Vision and Mission of the Regional Government (Sumedang Regency) but also address the needs and aspirations of the community, who are the primary stakeholders in development,” he added.

Herman explained that the purpose of the Musrenbang theme, “Realizing a Resilient, Inclusive, and Sustainable Regional Economy,” is to prepare Sumedang for the future.

He warned that if Sumedang isn’t prepared for demographic dividends, it may fall into the middle-income trap.

“If we are not prepared for the demographic dividend, we will find ourselves in a situation of ‘neither progressing nor regressing,’ and that cannot be allowed to happen,” he emphasized.

He hoped that the Musrenbang could address all global challenges in 2025 and beyond.

“That’s why the 2025 development planning must look far ahead, at least anticipating the challenges of 2025. And that starts with understanding global megatrends,” he stated.

Hence, Herman desired that the Musrenbang would not merely be a ceremonial event but would genuinely serve as a means to formulate development plans that have a significant and tangible impact on community welfare.

“I don’t want the Musrenbang to be just a formality. It is attended by prominent figures. Please ensure that during the budgeting phase, the budget structure is dominated by public spending to have an impact on the welfare of the people,” he concluded.

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