Exploring the Community: Pj Bupati Herman Tarlingkur in South Sumedang District


Exploring the Community: Pj Bupati Herman Tarlingkur in South Sumedang District

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HALLOSUMEDANG.COM – In the heart of South Sumedang District, Pj Bupati Herman Suryatman orchestrates a unique blend of spiritual connection and community engagement through the tradition of Tarawih Keliling and Pasang Sangkur (Tarlingkur). This vibrant event not only embraces the essence of Ramadan but also serves as a platform for fostering bonds within the local populace.

A Tradition Rooted in Community Spirit

The Tarlingkur initiative, spearheaded by Pj Bupati Herman, unfolds as a journey through the streets and alleys of South Sumedang District. Starting from the vibrant neighborhoods of Cipameungpeuk, Cipancar, and Sukagalih, this ritualistic tour encompasses various facets of community life. From admiring the smoothly paved roads to interacting with residents, Pj Bupati Herman leaves no stone unturned in experiencing the heartbeat of the community.

Embracing the Spirit of Ramadan

As dusk descends, the air becomes imbued with anticipation as residents gather to break their fast in unison. Maghrib prayers resonate through the serene ambiance, followed by congregational prayers of Maghrib, Isya, and Tarawih at the AT Taufiq Sukagalih Mosque. This collective observance of prayers not only fosters spiritual rejuvenation but also strengthens the communal fabric.

Nurturing Community Welfare

Beyond the spiritual dimension, Tarlingkur encompasses a profound commitment to community welfare. Pj Bupati Herman’s itinerary includes visits to marginalized households, where essential aid is extended to the impoverished and rehabilitation assistance is provided to those in need.

Moreover, initiatives such as the inspection of Women Farmer Groups engaged in hydroponic cultivation and participation in food processing training programs underscore the administration’s dedication to holistic community development.

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Contextualizing Impactful Programs

Pj Bupati Herman emphasizes the contextual relevance and tangible impact of the Tarlingkur program. By integrating Pasang Sangkur into the itinerary, the administration ensures that this sacred tradition transcends mere symbolism, becoming a catalyst for positive change in the lives of residents.

Through collaborative efforts involving various government agencies, the Safari Ramadan initiative seeks to inspire and uplift communities, fostering a spirit of resilience and progress.

In the tapestry of South Sumedang District’s cultural landscape, the Tarlingkur tradition emerges as a beacon of unity and compassion. Pj Bupati Herman’s unwavering commitment to community engagement and welfare exemplifies a leadership ethos rooted in empathy and inclusivity.

As the echoes of Tarawih prayers fade into the night, they leave behind a legacy of solidarity and hope, echoing the sentiments of shared humanity that define the spirit of Ramadan.

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