Geopark Logo in Cisaar Valley – Jatigede: Promoting Natural and Cultural Diversity


Geopark Logo in Cisaar Valley – Jatigede: Promoting Natural and Cultural Diversity

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Geopark Lembah CIsaar
Cisaar Valley Geopark logo

HALLOSUMEDANG – In an effort to introduce the rich natural and cultural potential surrounding the Geopark in Cisaar Valley – Jatigede, Sumedang, a proposal for a new logo has been submitted. The logo depicts the geological diversity, biodiversity, and cultural diversity that characterize the Geopark area.

According to a statement from experts involved in the logo proposal process, there are two main elements highlighted in the design. First, the pattern of Stegodon (Ancient Elephant) and turtle shells symbolizes the presence of stegodon and turtle fossils found in the mudstone layers within the Geopark area. This element represents the geological diversity that is characteristic of the region.

Second, the gradient of colors from orange to purple is chosen to refer to the biodiversity and cultural diversity. These colors reflect the locations where fossils are found as well as the abundant biodiversity and culture surrounding the Geopark in Cisaar Valley – Jatigede, Sumedang. Moreover, these colors are chosen to align with the City Branding logo of Sumedang, indicating a strong unity and identity with the region.

The presence of the Geopark in Cisaar Valley – Jatigede is not merely an ordinary geological tourist spot. As one of the geoparks with extraordinary historical value and diversity, this area bears witness to the long journey of the earth and human civilization. To the north of the Jatigede Dam lies the Cisaar Valley, which holds ancient fauna dating back more than a million years, along with artifacts from the early to mid-Pleistocene era.

Meanwhile, to the south, there are stretches of land and hills that serve as the last habitat for ancient elephants or Stegodons, as well as various other vertebrate species. Thus, the proposed logo not only serves as a visual symbol but also portrays the essence of the natural and cultural diversity surrounding the Geopark in Cisaar Valley – Jatigede.

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In order to promote awareness of the importance of preserving nature and culture, it is hoped that this logo proposal can be the initial step in popularizing the Geopark in Cisaar Valley – Jatigede as an impressive and educational tourist destination. As a concrete effort, the local government, together with stakeholders, will continue to collaborate in promoting and conserving this Geopark area.

Thus, it is hoped that the Geopark in Cisaar Valley – Jatigede will not only become an attractive tourist destination but also a center for learning and appreciation of Indonesia’s natural and cultural diversity, which must be preserved for future generations. This logo proposal is one tangible step towards realizing that vision.

In conclusion, active support and participation from the entire community are hoped for in maintaining and promoting the Geopark in Cisaar Valley – Jatigede as a valuable heritage for the nation and the world. Through collective efforts, we can preserve the beauty and diversity of nature and culture, as an inseparable part of Indonesia’s identity and wealth.

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