Gincu Gedong Mango Ready for First Export to Japan


Gincu Gedong Mango Ready for First Export to Japan

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HALLOSUMEDANG – The Sumedang District Government, facilitated by Injabar Padjadjaran University (Unpad) in collaboration with the West Java Provincial Government and the Indonesian Quarantine Agency, is set to conduct the inaugural export of Golden Gedong Mango to Japan in the near future.

This plan was discussed during a workshop held on Thursday (28/3/2024) at the Injabar Unpad Office in Bandung City.

Acting Regent of Sumedang, Herman Suryatman, stated that penetrating the export market in Japan was not easy, as it took 17 years to realize.

“The Japanese government has agreed to give the green light,” he said.

Similarly, according to Herman, the Quarantine Agency has provided support to Sumedang to accelerate the export of Golden Gedong Mango to Japan.

“We have just signed a joint commitment. Insha’Allah, on August 17, 2024, the export of Golden Gedong Mango from Sumedang, and further from West Java, will be launched to Japan,” he said.

Herman stated that this is a concrete effort by the Sumedang Regency for the welfare of the community, especially farmers.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Injabar Unpad, Keri Lestari, responded positively, expressing delight that the scholarly work conducted by Injabar Unpad does not solely remain within academic realms but also benefits society.

She mentioned that research conducted by the Injabar Unpad team, spanning various disciplines including agriculture, economics, law, pharmacy, and horticulture, has made a significant contribution, leading the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) to grant export permission.

“There is no basis for concern regarding the presence of Bactrocela Occipitalis (fruit pests) in Indonesia, particularly in West Java. Fortunately, the inaugural mango export in Indonesia will commence in West Java based on our joint research with the Quarantine Agency,” she explained.

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Meanwhile, the Chair of the Infrastructure and Standards Facilities Team at the Indonesian Quarantine Agency, Maman Suparman, stated that their role is to ensure that Gedong Mangoes from Sumedang, West Java, meet Japan’s requirements.

“We will ensure that the requirements set by Japan are met by all of us, and quarantine will serve as certification assurance,” he concluded.

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