Sumedang, New Destination: Geopark Lembah Cisaar-Jatigede – A Blend of Cultural and Scientific Heritage


Sumedang, New Destination: Geopark Lembah Cisaar-Jatigede – A Blend of Cultural and Scientific Heritage

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HALLOSUMEDANG – Behind the natural beauty and history lies Sumedang, home to the Geopark Lembah Cisaar-Jatigede, a new destination that combines cultural and scientific richness. Based on ancient manuscripts and travel records, this region boasts a rich historical heritage, from the Medang Kahiyangan Kingdom to the concept of Insun Medal Insun Madangan education.

This Geopark is not just about geological wealth but also about the biodiversity and cultural diversity that accompanies it. Through conservation, education, and sustainable economic development, Sumedang presents a destination that invites people to better understand and care for the surrounding environment.

The Menara Kujang Sapasang, the latest cultural icon built in 2021, is another attraction in Sumedang. With profound philosophy, this tower becomes a symbol of human thought processes and diversity within a civilization.

Geopark Lembah Cisaar-Jatigede is located in Sumedang Regency, West Java, covering an area of ​​760.75 km2. Its accessibility is also very convenient, with relatively short distances from nearby airports.

The tagline “The Kingdom of Stegodon” emphasizes the uniqueness, rarity, scientific nature, and admiration for the existence of fossils in this valley. The discovery of vertebrate fossils such as stegodon and turtles is evidence of the first migration of vertebrate fauna from Asia to Indonesia during the Pleistocene era.

The main goal of developing this Geopark is for conservation, education, and sustainable economic development. With active involvement from the community and local governments, it is hoped that deeper understanding and sustainable prosperity will be achieved for the people of Sumedang.

The Geopark’s soft launch has been conducted, and its grand launch is planned to be held on the 446th Anniversary of Sumedang Regency. The next target is to obtain National Geopark status by 2026 at the latest, and to achieve Unesco Global Geopark status by 2029.

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With an extraordinary blend of cultural and scientific heritage, Sumedang is ready to welcome visitors to explore its beauty and local wisdom. Geopark Lembah Cisaar-Jatigede becomes a destination that not only captivates the eyes but also inspires the heart.

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