Empowering Agriculture: Corn Field Fertilization Program in Paseh Kidul Village


Empowering Agriculture: Corn Field Fertilization Program in Paseh Kidul Village

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HALLOSUMEDANG – Babinsa (Non-Commissioned Officer) of Paseh Kidul Village, Conggeang Subdistrict, Kodim 0610/Sumedang, Corporal Sugiyanto, along with members of the Senja Mekar 2 Farmer Group led by Mrs. Rosyanti, thematic KKN (Student Community Service) participants, conducted a Corn Field Fertilization activity as part of the Starbak Program on a 1-hectare plot of land located in Sukamulya hamlet, RT 22 RW 07, Paseh Kidul Village, Paseh Subdistrict, Sumedang Regency, on Sunday (31/03/2024).

The activity was attended by Babinsa of Paseh Kidul Village, Corporal Sugiyanto, the Village Head of Paseh Kidul, Mr. Cece Najarudin, Agricultural Extension Officer, Mrs. Dewi, the Chairperson of Poktani Senja Mekar 2, Mrs. Rosyanti, and its members, as well as representatives from thematic KKN students.

Regarding the progress of land processing, it has reached 100% (10,000 square meters). The Corn Seeds, which have been planted for 5-7 days, have grown to a height of approximately 3-5 cm, and Fertilization has been carried out using FERTA NPK 15-15-15 Fertilizer on the Hybrid Corn fields.

This activity is carried out to support National Food Security and the Local Government, aiming to realize Food Programs at the village level and to provide encouragement and motivation to the farmers, with the hope of improving the welfare of farmers in Paseh Kidul Village, specifically, and in Sumedang Regency in general.

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