Sumedang Aims to Enter Top Four in West Java MTQ


Sumedang Aims to Enter Top Four in West Java MTQ

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West Java MTQ

HALLOSUMEDANG – Sumedang Regency targets to enter the Top Four in the implementation of the 38th MTQ at the West Java Provincial level, which will be held in Bekasi Regency from April 27 to May 5, 2024.

This was conveyed by Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, when sending off the MTQ Delegation of Sumedang Regency for the year 2024 at the 2nd Floor of Islamic Centre Building on Saturday, April 27, 2024.

“This MTQ has been prepared as maximally as possible. I am confident that the Top Four target will be achieved, and I even hope Sumedang can surpass it,” said Yudia optimistically.

Yudia hopes that the participants can continue to increase their spirit and motivation to achieve the target.

“I hope the participants can perform excellently. Keep maintaining your health condition to perform optimally, and keep igniting the spirit to achieve achievements for Sumedang Regency,” Yudia conveyed a message to the Sumedang Delegation.

Meanwhile, in her report, Acting Secretary of Sumedang Regency, Hj Tuti Ruswati, who also serves as the Chairperson of LPTQ Sumedang, stated that coaching for MTQ participants of Sumedang Delegation has been conducted for three days, from Thursday to Saturday, April 25 to 27, 2024, at the Asrama Haji Komplek Islamic Center Sumedang.

Tuti added that through this coaching, it is hoped that the participants will be more prepared when competing at the Provincial level MTQ so that they can give the best results for Sumedang Regency.

“The Sumedang Delegation consists of 45 people. They participate in 17 competition branches, including murotal (recitation) for males/females, tilawah (Quran recitation) for children males/females, tilawah for teenagers males/females, tilawah for adults males/females, qiro’at sab’ah mujawad for adults males/females, qiro’at sab’ah murotal for teenage females, qiro’ah sab’ah murotal for adult males,” she explained.

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Other competition branches include MHQ 1 juz and tilawah for males/females, MHQ 5 juz and tilawah for males/females, MHQ 10 juz for males/females, MHQ 20 juz for males/females, MHQ 30 juz for males/females, Indonesian language interpretation for males, MFQ for males/females, KTIQ for males/females, MSQ for males/females, and MKQ script, as well as ornaments, decorations, and contemporary arts for males/females.

“From these 17 branches, MKQ and MHQ tilawah become the highlights of the Sumedang Delegation. However, there are still opportunities in other branches,” she added.

Tuti also believes that Sumedang Regency will achieve the Top Four target.

“Our presence here can be a motivation for everyone. Although Sumedang is not the host, we will try our best,” she concluded.

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