Leading Sumedang Towards a Glorious Future: 3 Main Targets of Acting Regent Yudia Ramli


Leading Sumedang Towards a Glorious Future: 3 Main Targets of Acting Regent Yudia Ramli

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3 Main Targets of Acting Regent Yudia Ramli

HALLOSUMEDANG – 22 April 2024 – In commemorating the 446th anniversary of Sumedang Regency, Acting Regent Yudia Ramli radiated optimism and strong determination to bring Sumedang towards a glorious future. In front of invited guests at the DPRD Special Plenary Meeting, Yudia explained the 3 main targets that he would realize during his leadership.

1. Superior Human Resources, Key to Advanced Sumedang

Improving the quality of Human Resources (HR) is Yudia’s main focus. He believes that Sumedang’s progress cannot be separated from the capability and professionalism of regional government officials and its people. Therefore, human resource development will be a top priority through various training, education and coaching programs.

2. Digital Economy: Opening the Gates of New Opportunities

In this era of digitalization, Yudia sees a big opportunity for Sumedang to develop rapidly. He is determined to encourage economic digitalization in various sectors, from MSMEs to public services. By optimally utilizing technology, Sumedang can increase its competitiveness and open the gates to new opportunities for community welfare.

3. Increasing Competitiveness, Becoming a Leading Destination

Sumedang’s achievements in attracting interest from other regions for comparative studies and field work practice are clear evidence of its high competitiveness. Yudia is committed to continuing to increase Sumedang’s competitiveness so that it becomes a leading destination in various fields, including tourism, creative economy and culture.

Optimism to Build Sumedang Beyond Sehati

Yudia believes that the strong cultural values ​​and spirit of mutual cooperation (Sabilulungan Rempug Jungkung) in Sumedang are solid basic capital for building a brilliant future. He invited all elements of society to join hands, synergize and collaborate to realize the vision of “Sumedang Beyond Sehati”.

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Together with the Acting Governor of West Java, Bey Machmudin, Yudia is optimistic that Sumedang can return to being the “Paradise of Java” by prioritizing togetherness, hard work and an unyielding spirit. The theme of Sumedang’s 446th Anniversary is not just a slogan, but a commitment that will be realized in every step of developing a better Sumedang.

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