Sumedang Heading Towards 2025: A Resilient, Inclusive, and Sustainable Economy for Shared Prosperity


Sumedang Heading Towards 2025: A Resilient, Inclusive, and Sustainable Economy for Shared Prosperity

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Sumedang Heading Towards 2025

HALLOSUMEDANG – April 22, 2024 – As it enters 2025, Sumedang Regency has adopted a development vision themed “A Resilient, Inclusive, and Sustainable Regional Economy.” This was conveyed by the Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, in a Special Plenary Meeting of the DPRD on the 446th Anniversary of Sumedang at the Sumedang DPRD Building, Monday (22/4/2024).

“This economic growth must be ‘Resilient,’” explained Yudia. “This means that Sumedang’s economy must be able to withstand and recover quickly in the face of various challenges, such as natural disasters and global recessions.”

Furthermore, Yudia emphasized that economic growth must also be “Inclusive.” This means that the prosperity achieved must be felt by all levels of society, while also reducing existing inequalities.

“In our efforts to pursue rapid economic growth, the development process must also consider ‘Harmony and Sustainability’ in the management of natural resources and the environment,” Yudia asserted.

On this occasion, Yudia also reported to the Acting Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, who was also present at the Plenary Meeting, that during the 2023-2024 transformation period, Sumedang had succeeded in winning a total of 33 awards at the provincial and national levels.

“13 awards were won at the national level and 20 awards at the West Java provincial level,” said Yudia. “All of these achievements are the result of the hard work and cooperation of all elements of Sumedang society.”

These awards, according to Yudia, are concrete evidence of the Sumedang Regency Government’s commitment and hard work in developing the region.

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“However, behind these various achievements and successes, we realize that there are still many hopes of the people that have not been fulfilled,” Yudia acknowledged. “There are still many problems that need to be solved and challenges that must be faced. Therefore, the Sumedang Regency Government is always open to receiving suggestions, input, and criticism from all parties, especially in order to optimize the quality of public services and improve community welfare.”

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