Sumedang Acting Regent Strengthens Ties with Keraton Sumedang Larang


Sumedang Acting Regent Strengthens Ties with Keraton Sumedang Larang

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Keraton Sumedang Larang

HALLOSUMEDANG – April 22, 2024, Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, paid a courtesy visit to Keraton Sumedang Larang (KSL), a Sundanese royal palace located in Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia.

Upon his arrival, Pj Bupati Yudia Ramli was warmly welcomed by Radya Anom KSL Lucky Djauhari Soemawilaga and his entourage at the Museum Prabu Geusan Ulun Sumedang.

Pj Bupati Yudia Ramli explained that the purpose of his visit was to introduce himself as the newly appointed Acting Regent of Sumedang. He emphasized the importance of maintaining continuity in government operations.

“The appointment of an Acting Regent ensures that the wheels of government continue to turn smoothly,” he stated.

He expressed his hope for a strong collaboration between the Sumedang Regency government and KSL in advancing the region’s development.

“My intention in visiting the Keraton is to seek cooperation and partnership with the Keraton in carrying out the duties of the Sumedang Regency government,” he conveyed.

Pj Bupati Yudia Ramli took pride in Sumedang’s status as the “Center of Sundanese Culture,” where local wisdom values serve as the foundation for governance.

“The cultural heritage of Sumedang holds profound philosophical values, particularly the philosophy embedded in the Binokasih Crown,” he remarked.

He firmly believes that the implementation of these local wisdom values will ultimately lead to prosperity for the people of Sumedang.

“The insights shared by the Keraton are truly remarkable. The philosophy of Binokasih, with its emphasis on compassion, can be effectively applied in both social and governance aspects. Ultimately, this will pave the way for a more just, prosperous, and equitable Sumedang,” he concluded.

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The visit to Keraton Sumedang Larang marked a significant step in fostering a harmonious relationship between the Sumedang Regency government and the Keraton, aligning their efforts towards the shared goal of preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Sumedang while propelling the region towards a brighter future.

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