Sumedang Achieves Proud Achievement on 446th Anniversary: ​​Proof of Commitment to Community Welfare


Sumedang Achieves Proud Achievement on 446th Anniversary: ​​Proof of Commitment to Community Welfare

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Sumedang Achieves Proud Achievement on 446th Anniversary

HALLOSUMEDANG – Sumedang Regency made brilliant achievements amidst its 446th anniversary celebrations. The hard work and dedication of government officials together with all stakeholders produced sweet results by winning the award for Best Regional Development Planning (PPD) II for West Java in 2024 .

This achievement is a special gift for Sumedang, as well as confirmation of commitment and seriousness in realizing community welfare.

Head of Sumedang Regency Bappppeda, H. Agus Wahidin, S. Pd, M. Si., received the award directly at the peak event of the 2024 West Java Province Development Planning Conference (Musrenbang) at the Ballroom of the Luxury Trans Hotel Jalan Gatot Subroto Bandung, Monday (22 April 2024) from the Regional Secretary of West Java, Herman Suryatman.

Full of gratitude and pride, Agus expressed his joy at this achievement. “Thank God, Sumedang has achieved another achievement with the title of Best II. Garut Regency achieved First Best and Sukabumi Regency Third Best,” he said.

Furthermore, Agus revealed that Sumedang’s consistency in being ranked in the top three in West Java is clear evidence of the dedication of all government officials in devoting themselves to improving the welfare of society.

This achievement cannot be separated from the support and contribution of all parties. “Thank you to all parties. We are the part that continues to make efforts gradually and consistently so that the Sumedang Regency Government is always a champion. Champion at the top, champion at the bottom, champion in the sky and champion on earth. And the most important thing is the champion in the hearts of the people, ” concluded Agus.

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This achievement is a motivation for Sumedang to continue to improve and improve performance in realizing the vision and mission of regional development. With the spirit of collaboration and mutual cooperation, Sumedang is optimistic that it can achieve its goals of becoming an advanced, prosperous and sustainable district

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