Sumedang’s Moka Pageant Selects 21 Finalists to Step into the Grand Finale


Sumedang’s Moka Pageant Selects 21 Finalists to Step into the Grand Finale

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Pasanggiri Mojang Jajaka (Moka) Sumedang 2024

HALLOSUMEDANG – In the historic alun-alun of Sumedang, the echoes of culture and the spirit of youth converged in the Pasanggiri Mojang Jajaka (Moka) Sumedang 2024 event. This prestigious event not only seeks cultural and tourism ambassadors but also places high hopes on the younger generation to contribute to the development of Sumedang.

21 finalists selected from hundreds of applicants, stepped forward with full confidence to compete for the championship crown. They are the best representatives from 10 sub-districts in Sumedang, ready to show their intelligence, character, and deep understanding of Sumedang’s cultural roots.

Their journey to the top was not easy. The finalists have gone through a series of strict selections, from interviews, psychological tests, mastery of Moka customs, general knowledge, to talent demonstrations. In addition, they also gained valuable experience by visiting the Sumedang Museum, the Bungkeng tofu factory, and participating in Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with Creative Economy actors.

The Head of the Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports Office (Disparbudpora) of Sumedang Regency, Nandang Suparman, representing the Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, expressed his appreciation and high hopes to the finalists.

“Congratulations to the 21 grand finalists! I hope that all of you will not only become champions but also contribute to the progress of Sumedang in the fields of tourism, culture, creative economy, and UMKM empowerment. Use social media to promote Sumedang and be a role model for other young generations,” he said enthusiastically.

More than just a competition, Pasanggiri Moka Sumedang 2024 is a wadah pembinaan generasi muda (youth development forum) that is expected to be able to take Sumedang to a higher level. In their hands, Sumedang’s bright future lies with its rich culture, a thriving creative economy, and world-class tourism.

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Who will be crowned the best Mojang and Jajaka? Witness the peak of Pasanggiri Moka Sumedang 2024 which is full of surprises and inspiration! Support the younger generation of Sumedang to achieve their dreams and contribute to the progress of their beloved region.

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