J-Rocks Rocks Sumedang’s Alun-alun, Enlivens 446th Anniversary with Illegal Cigarette Eradication Campaign


J-Rocks Rocks Sumedang’s Alun-alun, Enlivens 446th Anniversary with Illegal Cigarette Eradication Campaign

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HALLOSUMEDANG – The electrifying beats of rock music reverberated through Sumedang’s Alun-alun Square, marking the vibrant celebration of the 446th Anniversary of Sumedang Regency. Thousands of spectators thronged the area, eager not to miss the electrifying concert of J-Rocks, Indonesia’s top rock band, who were the main highlight of the evening.

The excitement was palpable from as early as 7 PM. Cheers erupted as Iman (vocalist and guitarist), Wima (bassist), Sony (guitarist), and Anton (drummer) graced the stage. J-Rocks’ hit songs like “Bahtera Kartika,” “Hanya Kau,” and “Topeng” were delivered with infectious energy, captivating the audience and transporting them to a nostalgic haven.

J-Rocks’ performance was not just about entertainment; it also carried an important message. The concert was part of the Illegal Cigarette Eradication Campaign initiated by the Sumedang Regency Government.

Bambang Rianto, Head of the Communication, Information, Statistics and Persandian Agency (Diskominfo Sanditik) of Sumedang Regency, urged the public to combat the illegal cigarette trade in Sumedang. “Let’s protect Sumedang from the dangers of illegal cigarettes. The fines can reach over Rp 1 billion,” he emphasized.

Amidst the concert’s lively atmosphere, Dian, a spectator from Paseh District, expressed her hopes for Sumedang on its 446th Anniversary. “May Sumedang continue to progress, be safe, comfortable, and become the most advanced Regency in West Java. May its citizens be blessed with abundant fortune, good health, and success in all their endeavors,” she said.

Dian also extended her gratitude to the Sumedang Regency Government for the various exciting events organized in celebration of Sumedang’s Anniversary. “As a resident of Sumedang, I am entertained by the various forms of entertainment provided,” she concluded.

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The J-Rocks concert served as a thrilling finale to the series of events commemorating Sumedang’s 446th Anniversary. It is hoped that the spirit of the Illegal Cigarette Eradication Campaign will continue to resonate, paving the way for a healthier and more progressive Sumedang.

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