Sumedang Boosts Integrated SPIP to Level 4: Synergy Towards Good Governance in Financial Management


Sumedang Boosts Integrated SPIP to Level 4: Synergy Towards Good Governance in Financial Management

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Synergy Towards Good Governance in Financial Management

Sumedang, May 7, 2024 – Sumedang Regency continues to improve its local financial governance. This is evidenced by the strong commitment to implement the Integrated Internal Control System (SPIP) in a comprehensive and measurable manner.

Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, opened the 2024 Integrated SPIP Self-Assessment Guidance (Bimtek) by firmly stating that the implementation of SPIP is not only the responsibility of the Inspectorate, but also all regional devices. “This is a joint commitment to realize accountable and transparent financial management,” he said.

The Bimtek, which was attended by Assessors, PICs, and Integrated SPIP Operators from each OPD, is expected to improve understanding and capacity in implementing SPIP. “The target for Sumedang’s SPIP in 2024 is to reach Level 4,” explained the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Uyu Wahyudin.

According to him, Sumedang’s SPIP achievement in 2023 was at level 3.2, which is considered average in West Java. “Through this Bimtek, we hope that we can be more enthusiastic, skilled, and understand the implementation of SPIP well,” he added.

Yudia Ramli emphasized the importance of synergy between parties in achieving the SPIP Level 4 target. “Starting from the management of regional devices, the Inspectorate, to the BPKP, everyone must work hand in hand,” he said.

Furthermore, Yudia instructed all regional devices to work smart and focused, with measurable targets and implemented in stages according to performance indicators. “Focus on specific development targets,” he said.

With strong commitment and synergy, it is hoped that Sumedang can achieve Level 4 Integrated SPIP, leading to increasingly good financial governance and compliance with regulations.

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