Muhammadiyah to Play an Active Role in Overcoming Extreme Poverty in Sumedang


Muhammadiyah to Play an Active Role in Overcoming Extreme Poverty in Sumedang

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HALLOSUMEDANG – The Sumedang Regency Government, under the leadership of Acting Regent Yudia Ramli, has demonstrated a strong commitment to reducing the number of extreme poverty in its region. These efforts are not only carried out independently, but also involve various elements of society, including religious organizations such as Muhammadiyah.

This was revealed in an audience meeting between Acting Regent Yudia Ramli and the Muhammadiyah Regional Board (PD) of Sumedang Regency led by Ustadz Dadang Setiawan in the Central Hall of the State Building on Tuesday (7/5/2024).

In the meeting, Acting Regent Yudia Ramli said that the Sumedang Regency Government is targeting the extreme poverty rate in Sumedang to reach 0 percent by 2024. To achieve this target, Yudia emphasized the importance of collaboration with various parties, including PD Muhammadiyah.

“Collaborative strategy is the key to reducing the extreme poverty rate in Sumedang, including PD Muhammadiyah in it,” said Yudia.

Furthermore, Yudia also supported PD Muhammadiyah’s plan to hold the Ideology, Politics and Organization Dialogue (Ideopolitor) to improve organizational leadership capacity.

“I hope that through this activity, (managers) can gain deeper knowledge and insight in the fields of ideology, politics and organization,” he said.

Responding to this, the Head of the PD Muhammadiyah Sumedang Regency, Dadang Setiawan, expressed his commitment to contribute to efforts to overcome extreme poverty in Sumedang.

“This is of course our joint target to be able to prosper the community, especially in eradicating extreme poverty in Sumedang,” he concluded.

In addition, Dadang also explained that the Ideopolitor Dialogue will be held on May 11, 2024 at the State Building with 300 participants.

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“This activity is carried out for ideological refreshment, strengthening superior and advanced organizational governance, responding to national political dynamics and the 2024 General Election,” he said.

The meeting between Acting Regent Yudia Ramli and the PD Muhammadiyah Sumedang Regency is expected to be the beginning of building strong synergy in building Sumedang Regency, especially in efforts to overcome extreme poverty.

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