Elevating Sumedang’s RKPD 2025: Transcending Copy-Paste Towards Real Priorities


Elevating Sumedang’s RKPD 2025: Transcending Copy-Paste Towards Real Priorities

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RKPD 2025

HALLOSUMEDANG – Sumedang’s Acting Secretary of the Regional Secretariat, Tuti Ruswati, emphasized the need for a transformative approach in formulating the Regional Government Work Plan (RKPD) for 2025. She stressed that the programs outlined should not merely replicate those from previous years (copy-paste), but rather be firmly grounded in established planning documents and prioritize the real needs of the community.

“Our planning is often good, but the programs and activities entered into the RKPD do not always reflect the quality of that planning,” Tuti explained during the discussion on the Final Draft of the Sumedang Regency RKPD 2025 in the Tadjimalela Bappppeda room, Monday night (13/5/2024).

Furthermore, Tuti touched on the gap between available revenue resources and spending needs. “Revenue resources have not yet moved from this year, while there are still many spending needs,” she said.

To address this gap and improve the quality of the RKPD 2025, Tuti gathered key SKPDs, particularly those responsible for minimum service standards, such as the Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUTR) Office, Housing and Settlements (Perkim), Social Affairs, Education, Health, and Agriculture.

Towards a High-Quality and Impactful RKPD

This meeting served as a platform to sharpen the focus of the RKPD 2025, ensuring that the programs and activities listed truly address community needs and have a real impact. Tuti hopes that through this collaboration and sharpening of focus, the Sumedang RKPD 2025 can become a strong foundation for quality and sustainable regional development.

More Than Just a Budget, Towards Real Transformation

The formulation of the RKPD 2025 is not just about allocating budgets, but also about formulating the right strategies and programs to achieve the vision and mission of regional development. By prioritizing real community needs and ensuring quality programs, the RKPD 2025 is expected to bring real transformation to Sumedang.

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Together Towards a Better Sumedang

The Sumedang regional government invites all elements of society to participate in the process of formulating the RKPD 2025. Input and suggestions from the community are essential to ensure that the RKPD 2025 truly reflects the aspirations and needs of the Sumedang community.

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