Sumedang Regent Challenges Education Office: Education Revolution for a Healthy Sumedang!


Sumedang Regent Challenges Education Office: Education Revolution for a Healthy Sumedang!

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Education Revolution for a Healthy Sumedang

HALLOSUMEDANG – The Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, is serious about realizing a Healthy Sumedang. He has thrown down a bold challenge to the Education Office to completely overhaul basic services in the education sector.

During a surprise visit to the Education Office (14/4), the Acting Regent emphasized the crucial role of the Education Office in building a Healthy Sumedang. “Education is the main key to breaking the chain of poverty. The children of Sumedang have the right to quality education, without exception!” he exclaimed.

Yudia Ramli did not hesitate to touch on the issue of the welfare of PAUD teachers. “PAUD teachers are heroes for the golden generation of Sumedang. We must ensure that they are prosperous and not trapped in extreme poverty,” he said firmly, while challenging the Education Office to increase incentives for PAUD teachers.

Not only that, the Acting Regent also gave a unique challenge: to create a Sumedang March that ignites enthusiasm! He also asked that National Education Day be enlivened with awards for outstanding teachers, especially those who struggle in remote areas.

The biggest challenge comes from the issue of education for children with special needs, especially autism. “Every child has the right to a decent education, including children with autism. We must immediately train teachers to handle children with autism properly,” said Yudia Ramli.

Acting Regent Yudia Ramli has shaken up the Sumedang Education Office with a series of revolutionary challenges. Will the Education Office be able to answer this challenge and bring Sumedang education to a glorious new era? Let’s wait for the next move!

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