Sumedang Poised to Become National Horticultural Hub: HDDAP Project Marks Turning Point for Modern Agriculture


Sumedang Poised to Become National Horticultural Hub: HDDAP Project Marks Turning Point for Modern Agriculture

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Gedong Gincu

HALLOSUMEDANG – a city renowned for its natural beauty, is now ready to make its mark in the agricultural sector. Acting Regent Yudia Ramli enthusiastically attended the launch of the Horticulture Development in Dry-Land Areas Project (HDDAP) in Surabaya on Thursday (16/5/2024). This ambitious project, a collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), will be implemented in 13 districts across 7 provinces, including Sumedang.

Acting Regent Yudia Ramli expressed his gratitude for Sumedang being selected as a project site. “This is a golden opportunity for us. With provincial support, we are ready to move forward with HDDAP. Our farmer groups and cooperatives are prepared. We will focus on developing Sumedang’s flagship commodities, Gedong Gincu mangoes and chili peppers,” he stated confidently.

Sumedang is serious about its commitment. The target of exporting 50 tons of Gedong Gincu mangoes by November 2024 demonstrates their dedication.

“Sumedang’s Gedong Gincu mangoes have a unique advantage: they are not seasonal. With HDDAP, we are optimistic about meeting market demand year-round. We are also collaborating with neighboring districts to ensure a smooth supply,” Yudia added.

The HDDAP project is expected to be a turning point in transforming Sumedang’s agriculture towards a modern era. With technological support and innovation, Sumedang’s agricultural sector will become more advanced and competitive.

“We are confident that HDDAP will positively impact food security, economic growth, and the welfare of Sumedang’s farmers,” Yudia concluded optimistically.

The presence of the Acting Regional Secretary, Head of Bapppeda, and Head of the Agriculture Department at the event further emphasized the strong commitment of the Sumedang Regency Government to the success of the HDDAP project. Sumedang is ready to become a proud national horticultural hub.

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