Sumedang Introduces “Raharja”, a Flagship Program to Combat Extreme Poverty


Sumedang Introduces “Raharja”, a Flagship Program to Combat Extreme Poverty

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HALLOSUMEDANG – The Sumedang Regency Government has demonstrated its commitment to tackling extreme poverty by launching an innovative program called “Raharja” (Happy and Prosperous People). The program launch took place at the State Building on Friday and was attended by key stakeholders, including the Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli.

Yudia Ramli emphasized that addressing extreme poverty requires extraordinary measures. The Raharja program is designed as a concrete solution to realize the well-being of the people of Sumedang.

“This program is tangible evidence of the Sumedang Regency Government’s concern for the well-being of the community, especially in efforts to eradicate extreme poverty,” said Yudia.

Raharja aligns with the vision of Sumedang Sehati (Prosperous, Religious, and Democratic), which includes various government interventions based on poverty categories. The target is to eliminate extreme poverty in Sumedang by 2024.

Yudia hopes that the efforts made will have a positive impact on improving the welfare of the wider community. Better coordination with the community is also key to ensuring that program targets are on target.

Sumedang Regency Government data shows that Cimannggung District has the highest rate of extreme poverty, even though the area is an industrial center. To overcome this, the Sumedang Regency Government will establish communication with entrepreneurs regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mechanism.

“We are optimistic that this coordination will bring significant and rapid changes in alleviating extreme poverty in Sumedang Regency,” concluded Yudia.

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