Mosques: Not Just Places of Worship, but Centers for Community Empowerment


Mosques: Not Just Places of Worship, but Centers for Community Empowerment

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HALLOSUMEDANG – The atmosphere was solemn at the Al Hikmah Rancakalong Grand Mosque as the Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, led the Friday prayers (17/5/2024). Not only serving as the imam, he also delivered a sermon that invited the congregation to explore the potential of mosques as centers for community empowerment.

“Mosques are not just places of worship,” Yudia emphasized, “but can also be the heart of the economy and centers for assisting the less fortunate.”

This invitation is in line with the Sumedang Regency Government’s efforts to reduce poverty rates, even targeting a zero percent rate for extreme poverty.

“Let’s together free Sumedang from the shackles of poverty,” Yudia invited. “The mosque can be a place for us to collaborate.”

Yudia emphasized the importance of synergy between the government, BAZNAS, and the business world. Zakat from Sumedang’s ASN managed by BAZNAS, for example, has become one of the important funding sources in poverty alleviation programs.

The presence of the Acting Regent was warmly welcomed by the Chairman of the DKM of the Al-Hikmah Grand Mosque, H Samsudin. He hoped that this visit would bring blessings for the progress of Rancakalong and Sumedang, especially in the religious field.

With a new spirit, let’s make mosques centers for community empowerment, weaving prosperity together.

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