Sumedang Honors Remote Area Teachers with Motorcycles on National Awakening Day


Sumedang Honors Remote Area Teachers with Motorcycles on National Awakening Day

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Remote Area Teachers

HALLOSUMEDANG – The spirit of National Awakening Day in Sumedang Regency felt special for four teachers dedicated to remote areas. The local government gave them motorcycles as a form of appreciation for their commitment and outstanding performance in educating the nation’s next generation.

Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, emphasized that education is the golden key to achieving Indonesia Emas 2045. “We give this award not only because they are the best teachers, but also because of their consistency in working amid limited facilities in remote areas,” he said.

Yudia hopes this award will motivate all teachers in Sumedang to continue improving their performance and dedication. “They are inspiring role models, remaining enthusiastic about teaching despite facing various challenges,” he added.

Marlena Nugraha, one of the awardees who teaches at SMP Negeri 3 Wado, admitted to being touched and proud of the appreciation given. “My journey to school is 57 kilometers, so this motorcycle is very helpful,” she said.

A visually impaired teacher, Ipan Hidayatullah, also expressed his gratitude. “I am proud to be able to work and serve in Sumedang, especially through teaching at SMP Negeri 2 Wado,” he said.

This award is tangible proof of the Sumedang local government’s concern for education in all areas, including remote areas. Hopefully, the dedication of these teachers will continue to inspire the advancement of education in Sumedang and Indonesia as a whole.

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