Unlocking the Essence of Safari Ramadan: A Colorful Tradition in Kabupaten Sumedang


Unlocking the Essence of Safari Ramadan: A Colorful Tradition in Kabupaten Sumedang

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Pasang Sangkur
Acting Regent of Sumedang Herman Suryatman provided egg donations to residents at the Pasang Sangkur activity in Sukasari

HALLOSUMEDANG – As the tranquil nights of Ramadan envelop us, the air becomes infused with the spirit of togetherness and reflection. In Kabupaten Sumedang, the Ramadan tradition takes on a vibrant hue with the advent of Pasang Sangkur, a unique amalgamation of cultural celebration and community engagement. Let’s delve into the essence of this cherished event that adds splendor to the tapestry of Ramadan.

The Fusion of Tradition: Pasang Sangkur and Safari Ramadan

In the heartland of Kabupaten Sumedang, the onset of Ramadan heralds a distinctive celebration intertwining Pasang Sangkur with the customary Safari Ramadan. Unlike previous years, this year’s festivities resonate with a sense of novelty and purpose, encapsulating the essence of community cohesion and cultural preservation.

A Journey Through Tradition: Exploring the Safari Ramadan

Embarking on the first day of ‘Tarlingkur’—the ceremonial Tarawih Keliling and Pasang Sangkur—Pj Bupati Herman Suryatman, accompanied by a retinue, traverses through the picturesque landscapes of Kecamatan Sukasari. Their itinerary spans four enchanting villages: Desa Sindangsari, Nanggerang, Banyuresmi, and Desa Genteng, each pulsating with the vibrancy of Ramadan fervor.

Bridging Communities: Embracing the Spirit of Pasang Sangkur

At each juncture of their journey, Pj Bupati initiates dialogues with the denizens, amplifying their voices and extending gestures of benevolence through philanthropic endeavors. The festivities segue into thematic community service initiatives, underscoring the commitment towards societal welfare and progress.

Nurturing Bonds: The Essence of Community Engagement

Beyond the ceremonial pomp, the Safari Ramadan epitomizes a holistic approach towards governance, exemplified by the comprehensive inspection of administrative services and civic amenities. The rendezvous culminates in collective prayers and communal iftars, fostering a sense of unity amidst diversity.

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Empowering Change: A Vision for the Future

Reflecting on the significance of Pasang Sangkur, Pj Bupati articulates a vision rooted in contextual relevance and tangible impact. With a resolute focus on poverty alleviation, healthcare accessibility, and youth empowerment, the overarching theme of this year’s Safari Ramadan underscores the commitment towards transformative change and inclusive prosperity.

Conclusion: A Tapestry Woven with Tradition and Purpose

In the kaleidoscope of Ramadan festivities, Pasang Sangkur emerges as a beacon of tradition, resilience, and community empowerment. As the echoes of prayers reverberate through the tranquil nights, let us embrace the spirit of togetherness and compassion, weaving a tapestry of hope and harmony in the cherished fabric of Kabupaten Sumedang’s cultural heritage

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