Pemda Sumedang’s Initiative: Developing Simpati Jitu App to Combat Stunting


Pemda Sumedang’s Initiative: Developing Simpati Jitu App to Combat Stunting

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Simpati Jitu App

HALLO SUMEDANG – In the quest to enhance the quality of technological efforts aimed at accelerating the reduction of stunting, the Regional Government of Sumedang has taken a significant stride by developing an integrated application, Simpati Jitu, in collaboration with ASIK Kemenkes RI.

Understanding Simpati Jitu: A Holistic Approach to Stunting Prevention

Simpati Jitu, also known as Simpati Generasi Kedua, is an evolved version of the initial Simpati application. Its primary objective is to serve as a comprehensive tool in ensuring the prevention of stunting from its roots among adolescents to its impact on infants. The application aims to disseminate crucial information to Nutrition Implementers and Champion Posyandu Facilitators regarding the operational techniques of Simpati Jitu, thereby serving as consultants to Human Development Cadres and Posyandu Cadres in the field.

Promoting Awareness and Training: Bappppeda Sumedang’s Efforts

To instill familiarity and competence with the Simpati Jitu application, Bappppeda Sumedang conducted a thorough socialization session. This session targeted 35 nutrition implementers and 26 Champion Posyandu Facilitators at Bappppeda on Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

Continuous Improvement: Paving the Way Forward

Pj. Sekda Tuti Ruswati emphasized Sumedang’s pivotal role as an icon in combating stunting at both provincial and national levels. Recognizing the need for perpetual enhancement, she stressed the importance of continually developing the Simpati application to address stunting effectively within Kabupaten Sumedang.

Setting Ambitious Targets: Zero New Stunting and Extreme Poverty Eradication

With a firm commitment to eradicating stunting and extreme poverty, the Regional Government of Sumedang has set ambitious targets for the year 2024. Through extensive socialization efforts targeting cadre members and posyandu facilitators, they aim to optimize stunting intervention at the grassroots level.

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Comprehensive Coverage and Recommendations

Simpati Jitu boasts a broad scope, extending its recommendations from upstream to downstream. This implies addressing stunting not only at the stage of affected infants but also tackling its root causes starting from adolescent girls, through pregnancy, and post-birth stages.

Pemda Sumedang’s endeavor in developing the Simpati Jitu application marks a significant step towards combatting stunting effectively. Through strategic socialization efforts and a commitment to continuous improvement, they are poised to make a substantial impact in achieving their targets of zero new stunting cases and eradicating extreme poverty by 2024.

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