Sumedang to Enter Japanese Market with Its Premium Gedong Gincu Mangoes


Sumedang to Enter Japanese Market with Its Premium Gedong Gincu Mangoes

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Premium Gedong Gincu Mangoes

HALLOSUMEDANG – Sumedang, a city renowned for its sweet and succulent Gedong Gincu mangoes, is set to make its mark on the international market. In November 2024, this flagship fruit is scheduled to be exported to Japan, marking a new milestone for Sumedang’s agricultural sector.

Acting Regent of Sumedang, Yudia Ramli, during a working meeting with the Department of Agriculture and Food Security on Thursday (30/5/2024), announced that export preparations are underway. “Currently, we are preparing a Letter of Intent (LoI) between Sumedang’s Regional-Owned Enterprise (BUMD) and a Japanese company led by Mr. Hayasi,” said Yudia.

This effort is part of the Sumedang Regency Government’s commitment to driving regional economic growth through the export of local agricultural products. However, exporting mangoes to Japan is not an easy feat. There are strict standards that must be met, one of which is ensuring the fruit is free from the Bactrocera Occipitalis fruit fly.

To meet these standards, the Indonesian Quarantine Agency will build a Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT) facility in Tolengas, Tomo District. VHT is a technology that uses water vapor to heat the fruit, rendering enzymes that can damage the fruit inactive. Japan will also send fruit fly detection equipment and invest in the construction of a warehouse in Sumedang worth Rp40 billion, with the hope of exporting 400 tons of Gedong Gincu mangoes per month.

In order to meet the high demand, the Sumedang Regency Government plans to collaborate with neighboring regencies that also have Gedong Gincu mango orchards. “Kuningan has agreed, while Majalengka and Subang are still in negotiations. We hope to meet the export target of 400 tons per month,” said Yudia.

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Currently, Sumedang has 3,600 hectares of Gedong Gincu mango plantations. However, to meet export demand, cooperation with other regions is a must. The development of Gedong Gincu mangoes also receives full support from the West Java Provincial Government and various universities.

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